As @pam_rubin1 wrote, there are so many stories where businesses are failing at this.

Every organization has a different culture. Leaders need to be responsible and patient.

Here are 10 ways to lure people back 🧵

1) Start small with team building meetings

Nothing about their work but all about inclusion

2) Pay for travel and/or travel time

I did this for some of my staff just after Covid. It meant a lot to them.

3) Make being in the office about the employees

IE Personalization of work areas. Less restrictions.

4) Survey your employees with anonymous answers to learn more

It’s about answers. Not figuring out who replied.

5) Make coming to work enjoyable

While taking public transit isn’t fun in some cities, a place that feels like “home” can be worth the commute.

6) Create impromptu fun moments

Special guests, skills building, bday parties. Just no Clowns 🤡

7) Make it a one year or two year plan

Creating urgency will increase anxiety and this will build an unproductive team.

8) Be Okay if employees don’t want to come in

I mean, that might be the solution now. It can always be revisited.

9) Recognizing that 2 hours of commuting for $45k<desirable than execs who are paid $100k.

10) Make employees and important part of the solution.

Not in a superficial way. This will take time and deep work.

I am sure there are more creative ways to resolve this issue. What are your ideas?👇

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