I took the Ship30for30 course. Writing has always been a part of my life but I wanted to go deeper.

Zero niche/expectations or goals. Just write for 30 days. Everyday.

I learned one impeccable lesson in it all but I did not realize it for a few weeks after:

I am impatient with creating. And I avoid that feeling.

For many years I thought it was laziness that I was feeling. But after writing everyday I was able to hone in on the emotion; and it’s impatience.

Ironically, when I teach music to students I tell them to avoid playing the first note to the last note. It’s not about the destination.

The last note doesn’t mean you’re “finished”. They need to fix the areas that need the most work and work outwards from there.

Problem area > note before/note after. Then expand.

Yet, I was doing exactly the same thing with writing – starting with the first word and getting to the last word.

Avoiding the discomfort and more specifically not seeing this as discomfort because this was new.

New discomfort is not like old discomfort. It’s not familiar. It doesn’t have a place nor does it fit in.

I had made a place for the old and become complacent with that feeling. But this new feeling? No thank you, it is not a place I want to stick around and feel.

When I probe this living emotion while it’s raw and alive I recognize more – It has so much power because I’ve always wanted to write. Now it’s real. it has immense value to me.

And writing in public is risk. It’s going to hurt more. Because it means something. It’s vulnerability in the purest sense. Anything pure is that much more potent.

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