Copying is the biggest form of flattery.

Unless you’re making money from it. Then it’s a crime.

In music, bands and performers will cover a song of another “more famous” band/performer

And that’s okay. And the 2 versions can coexist as homage to the famouser (it’s a word now) band/artist.

As an artist that nod to the greats can only go so far.

At some point you will need to forge your own identity and sound.

So now stealing is better. And it’s not a crime

It’s not the note-for-note phrases lifted from songs and put into your music.

It’s the modification, the mutation of time, tempo, words, ideas and spirit that gives it a new name.

The remnants of the influence are still there.

And to the fanatic of the former famous influencer, the comparison is blatant.

But those are the “crazy” fanatics who buy even the terrible albums of those bands.

So stealing is taking the concept or strategy of notes and allowing them to bleed into you DNA.

It’s the radioactive spider 🕷️ biting you and making you Spiderman (Or Gwen)

It is a superpower. And it will make you grow.

Tony Robbins had Jim Rohn

The Monkeys stole the Beatles

Kevin Hart had Richard Prayor

Great artists have all been influenced by their heroes but they’ve also stolen cadences, timing, licks, concepts and more.

Literally Stealing in a figurative way.

Copying is closer to a watered down drink.

Yeah, there’s still joy there but it’s meted with continuous disappointment and contempt to the drinker

It’s an impersonator with glaring features that instill “hmph” emoji face in the audience.

It misses connection. And is a shield covering more than the inability to be creative.

There’s a genuine incompetence there. A steel cloak covering a well of vulnerability that festers. But no relief valve.

And steel is the wrong kind of steal.

I don’t advise fake-account-ing your way through life.

Remember, the cover band never makes as much as the original band. But works just as hard.

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