My Massive Error That Brought Me The Biggest Win

It was August 2012 We needed cash Our thriving-turned-struggling business had hit a lull The calendar felt like 70 days instead of 31 I had sent an email in June to get current clients to rebook for the fall. Some took advantage of our offer However, we needed more sales I found the email I […]

Hit the Authenticity Jackpot By Stealing Your Way to Fame.

Copying is the biggest form of flattery. Unless you’re making money from it. Then it’s a crime. In music, bands and performers will cover a song of another “more famous” band/performer And that’s okay. And the 2 versions can coexist as homage to the famouser (it’s a word now) band/artist. As an artist that nod […]

10 ways to make employees hate working from home.

As @pam_rubin1 wrote, there are so many stories where businesses are failing at this. Every organization has a different culture. Leaders need to be responsible and patient. Here are 10 ways to lure people back 🧵 1) Start small with team building meetings Nothing about their work but all about inclusion 2) Pay for travel […]

Free doesn’t cut it. 2 apps business owners need

With hundreds of apps and sites competing for your attention, it can be overwhelming for business owners to choose what to spend their hard-earned money on. What other apps or sites are competing for business owners’ attention? Are there any other paid features besides elements in Canva? How much does Grammarly cost? The options are […]