With hundreds of apps and sites competing for your attention, it can be overwhelming for business owners to choose what to spend their hard-earned money on. What other apps or sites are competing for business owners’ attention? Are there any other paid features besides elements in Canva? How much does Grammarly cost? The options are endless for email marketing, social media, SEO, blogging, website design, website updating, and video and photo editors: phone apps, tablet apps, and computer apps… so many APPS!

But these two will help you grow your business and never go out of style – Canva and Grammarly. Let’s look at why you need to pay for them.


Having used Canva for 5+ years. Before this, I used Adobe Illustrator. While the latter had more muscle, Canva was faster and pretty intuitive. I mean, it was designed by someone who wanted to help businesses be better. Melanie Perkins struggled with Adobe, as I did, yet she did something about it! So she created Canva, and small companies have made better designs since. What used to cost quite a bit was now accessible for the average small business owner.

Canva brings your business to life through design


Why should you use the paid version, you might ask? Because it will streamline your processes. Sifting through paid vs free is time-consuming and frustrating when the one icon you want is the paid version. Don’t get me wrong, and the free version is powerful. But I would only recommend it to someone starting and unsure if they’re ready to commit to a business. That makes sense.

While you can buy icons/pics/elements one by one, I found it added up. The time-cost alone of searching for the perfect icon that was free in addition to the dollar cost, the paid version is worth it. I always wanted the paid elements!

Cool Features in Paid

Elements are the stickers, pics, frames, photos, videos, graphics, audio, charts, tables, grids and collections you can add to your content piece. There are vast free options which areTo recommend Canva and Grammarly. Great for someone getting started. However, when coaching for Digital Main Street, I could always tell when they used the free version. There’s professionalism to the paid versions. “You get what you pay for” is right on the money with Canva.

Content is here to stay

As content requirements for small businesses are never going away, I find it hard to replace Canva in my goto sites/apps. It’s beneficial and has paid for itself probably ten times over, especially with the Brand Hub section. Have all of your colours, fonts and templates in one spot. You will process content much faster.

My final reason (although I have many others) is that Canva stays ahead of the technological curve. With Magic Write and the addition of Bulk Create, users make content even faster. Not sure what to write about? Using Magic Write, AI will write answers to inquiries you need topics about. Want quotes from famous musicians? Type in the request and voilá out pop the quotes you need. Then take those quotes one step further – add them to the Bulk Create App, and in about 10 seconds, you can have the quotes, each on its separate piece of content, ready for whatever platform you’re on for social. That’s powerful stuff! While the AI is in its infancy, and sometimes you have to tweak your request, it will save you time.

Cost – May 2023

Single Users

Monthly $16.99/month/person

Yearly $149.99/year/person


Monthly $19.99/month/5 users

Yearly $199.90/year/5 users


The second must-have app is Grammarly. The hub of my business has been my website and emails. And both have a lot of writing. Let alone worry about your SEO keywords; you must write for humans first and Google/Bing second. Poorly written content, web pages even descriptions on social posts can leave the wrong impression on potential and even existing customers.

And the scariest part is that they’re not going to tell you. This means you will have no idea why your words connect with them. It’s not your words, my friend; it’s your messy, poorly organized, grammatically incorrect hell you’re subjecting them to! Want to lose customers? Confuse them with poorly written product descriptions.

Grammerly adds clarity to your message. It also makes you look smarter.

Become Stronger

I am terrible at grammar. It’s not my strong suit. But Grammarly has helped with that. There’s another benefit I have noticed after using this tool for years – it’s improved how I think. The corrections haven’t gone unnoticed in my unconscious (or conscious) mind. I use commas correctly and rephrase things before writing—less editing, revisions and time spent. Sure, I still have run-on sentences and am not always succinct. But my writing has improved.


Grammarly also scales across your devices. Texting, MS Word, Pages, email platforms – every typed word is covered. I find the iPhone app a little annoying because I don’t use swipe text features, but it’s still time-saving when I message clients from my phone because I’m on the go.

Sure, it’s not sexy. But weak messaging and confused customers are the opposite of sexy. Well-written text gets sales/leads/solutions. That’s sexy.

Best Feature

The best feature is that Grammarly tells you the tone after writing a piece. If you’re going for something specific, you’ll see a little icon at the bottom letting you know if you’ve achieved that. Or they can help your write using that tone.


Monthly $30 USD/month/user

Quarterly $20 USD/month/user

Yearly $144 USD/Year/User

I gotta admit, there was a hefty price increase for 2022. It used to be $7/month. However, I still find value in it.

Better Business

The two apps I use the most – every day is Grammarly and Canva. Connecting with clients and customers, as you know, is essential. But connecting with them with well-written, elegantly designed messaging creates sales, leads and relationships. And that’s why you’re in business.

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